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Greggy’s Bits Inauguration

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Third time’s the charm, maybe

Welcome to the inaugural post for Greggy’s Bits. I’ve tried this a couple of times before, but I never really had the motivation to keep it up. Now with a fresh business just getting underway with the possibility of customers who actually want to know what’s going on… well, we’ll see.

Speaking of new businesses

Greggy Bits Software has been an almost business for a couple of years. The website’s been up for a while now. A few weeks ago I filed all the right papers with the state and the feds and now Greggy Bits Software LLC is a real, recognized, tax and fee paying entity in the state of Hawaii. It even has its own bank account.

Speaking of bank accounts

I’m a little annoyed at Bank Of Hawaii. The nice lady at the bank who helped me set up the account offered me a special business check card that accumulates frequent flier miles. Apparently there was a special deal, for which only sole proprietorships and single member limited liability companies (LLCs) were eligible, that would waive the yearly fee normally applied to business accounts. When the card and agreement came in the mail I was surprised to see a yearly fee, and some other various fees, too. I called the phone number listed on the little “activate me now” sticker to cancel the card and order the ordinary no-miles-but-no-fees-either card. The nice lady on the phone told me not to panic because even though the standard card agreement mentions the fee it would be waived for me. She promised. I’m annoyed that they didn’t warn me about this (what, it hasn’t come up before?) and preemptively annoyed for when I get charged the fee and have to jump up and down to get it refunded.

Enough for now

If you’re here you probably came in through the Greggy Bits Software website, so you’ve seen what I’m up to. If you got here some other way, go take a look so you’ll know what kind of stuff I’ll be talking about in the days to come.